You Have a Choice in International Calling Plans!

Make cheap international calls from the U.S. with no contracts

Standard Rates

Call ANY of our 180 countries, at anytime, using our everyday low rates.

No Contract

Get our great international calling rates with no contract. We are truly a risk free alternative to big phone companies’ international calling plans.

Cheaper Calls

BlueTone provides international calling rates that beat big carriers and work with any phone plan. No need to change your domestic provider!

Connecting Simplified

Help share your savings with your connections by signing up for CallMe Number. Your contact will be able to call you using a number local to them.

Compare for Yourself!

You Deserve

Flexible Calling

You only pay for what you use and will never run out of credit, with full control over what you spend. Did we mention that it’s contract-free?

Much lower calling rates

We negotiated the best possible rates so you can talk more for less. BlueTone now has some of the most affordable international calling plans.

Zero Hassle

Call from any phone without PINs or access numbers but save huge over traditional carries. Make one touch calls with or without the MyBlueTone App. It’s fast and easy.

View Rates

A New Alternative to Big Carriers for Cheap International Calling

You have choices! Get the convenience of monthly billing without paying top rate for international phone service. See what people are saying about long distance calling with BlueTone

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